Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3DPan.org goes live


I would like to introduce you to 3dpan.org , a website developed and dedicated for viewing three-dimensional (3D stereo) Gigapixel panoramas with no eye-strain!

Reg-Cyan anaglyph (those funny glasses) are required. The anaglyphing is performed in your browser in real time in a proprietary method that minimizes ghosting and eliminates eye strain.

I just presented this new technology at the Gigapixel Imaging for Science conference at Carnegie Mellon University on November 13th. 3DPan.org uses new proprietary methods to align the left and right views at whichever point the viewer positions their mouse. 3DPan.org can display any image shot as a three dimensional stereo pair and provides auto-alignment between the underlying left and right images. Image pairs are uploaded to the Gigapan.org website as individual left and right images, then combined for stereo viewing at 3dpan.org.

The underlying panorama viewing technology used is krpano;)

3DPan.org is still beta testing and new features will be added soon.

Full information on shooting and displaying in 3D can be found by viewing this Gigapan http://www.gigapan.org/gigapans/64651/

When you add good stereo-pairs to Gigapan, I will add them to the 3dpan.org site. Non-commercial work only (as per Gigapan terms of service).

Please provide feedback and hope you enjoy!

Jason Buchheim
Developer 3DPan.org