Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stereo-3D Panorama Viewers

Kemosabe in Stereo 3D


The Kemosabe Western Wear Store in Aspen Colorado was photographed in 3D-Stereo 360 degree panorama by Jason Buchheim in 2010.

The views are presented in formats for side-by-side viewing in cross eye or parallel, as well as side by side, and over under for 3D tv's.
Try them on iOS devices for amazing with gyro head tracking, - but it will eventually crash Safari

Cross Eye 3DTV krpano html5 multiresolution
Parallel Eye 3DTV krpano html5 multiresolution
Over/Under 3DTV krpano html5 multiresolution

Multiple View Options krpano FLASH multiresolution Viewer is an in-browser anaglyphing flat gigapixel 3D-stereo panorama viewer
developed by Jason Buchheim using HTML5 <Canvas> only.
It is a synchronized flat viewer and will work without issue in iOS
(anaglyphing doesn't work in Internet Explorer)

Another for Stereopan viewer
Philipsburg Refinery by Ron Schott, can be zoomed in to incredible 3D detail for more amazing 3D-Stereo panoramas

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